New Vote Incentive! Plus The Road Trip Comic Book is Coming!

Click the tease below to see what the new vote incentive!

Also, The Road Trip comic book will be available for purchase soon!

This 32 page comic book includes the fully-redone, introductory story of Ardra (as seen on this website). Full Color, Including the 5 or so comics that never got colored online. Also there was a lot of re-coloring for the comic book.

Pictured is actually a stand-in cover until the REAL one gets made. I am also still looking at printing possibilities.

The book will sell for $5 plus S&H. We may also sell art cards, by John, with them as well, if there is interest.

Speaking of interest, we may also sell John’s original artwork from The Road Trip. All such monies goes directly to the “Feed and Shelter the John Peters Fund”. I have not finalized anything with John yet, but bringing this up to stir some thought.

Once I have the cover from John, and after I color it, I will then make a post to accept pre-orders from the website here.



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Halloween Special Extra Vote Incentive Now Up!

Click the tease below to see what the extra Halloween vote incentive is!

Also, the chatbox has been removed for now. So please use the website’s comment system to talk about the vote incentives and comics! We should be updating on a weekly basis on Wednesdays now. Also, I am HOPING VERY MUCH to have The Road Trip printed within a mont. Once I send in the files, I’ll start taking some pre-orders. I believe this will be a simple ~30 page comic, encompassing the remade Road Trip storyline, with all the pages colored. The first run will likely be with ComicXpress or Ka-Blam.

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Have any wacky ideas for Ardra?

John is unavailable to get art to us for two updates… sorry about that. So instead, we’ll try some minimal art jokes with Ardra and gang. Starting with any ideas you may have for her. Maybe they meet your characters and react? That’s on simple idea. Anyone with ANY (PG) IDEAS should let us know and see if we use your idea in the coming two weeks.

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Have your charcter apply to be in the Speed Dating storyline!

After The Road Trip remake is complete, we’ll be moving back to the “present” in the Ardraverse. The first storyline we’ll be doing, is a speed dating arc. We would like to invite fellow webcomic creators to submit “applications” to be in this speed dating event. Because of how complex this can get, and with a limited time frame for the storyline itself, we cannot guarantee all applicants to be used as (a) an application reference, (b) a simple cameo, (c) an interacting cameo, or (d) an actual role/joke/date.

This is why we want the applications to be sent as though your character is actually applying for the speed dating event. From there, we can see if we have something we can use as a cameo (in the forefront or background), a single panel interaction/throw-away joke, or a couple panels or more of an actual sequence. You may submit your own ideas in addition to the application, but I do want to stress that everyone may not work out and/or we may not have the time to handle every idea. Depending on the number of applicant, we’ll try to get as many simple/background cameos as possible.

Because everything must take place in Ardra canon, there are a few rules:

  1. Applicants must be human. (Sorry, there are no anthropomorphic beings in this world.)
  2. We can accept male and female applicants, but we’re mainly looking for males. (Ardra is Hetero.)
  3. Ardra is moreso based in “real life” Earth, with a few exceptions. Extremes like Magic, Super-Tech-Science, Mythicals, Aliens may work in an ambiguous, trimmed, or carefully designed situation. (not saying “no”, just that it should be considered.)
  4. Ardra is rated PG. Keep that in mind.
  5. This story is Ardra canon, and does not constitute an actual crossover where Ardra’s world be canon to another webcomic or vice versa. Though not entirely ruled out (depending on a variety of things), but for the sale or preserving the Ardraverse, we’d be considering other characters as “alternate versions”. Unless your comic has dimensional travel or are aliens… MAYBE.
  6. Email applications to

Additonally, the applications:

  1. Should be in the perspective of the character.
  2. Need high-res “headshots” at least. (could also be crops from comics).
  3. Gives us permission to use your character in the webcomic and form when we print it, for at least as simple cameos for this story. (Anything more involved than that, we’ll talk with you.)


We are entertaining the idea of making this a Crossover Event. No no, hear me out!

Because we are wanting to keep the Ardra storyline as self-contained as possible, that doesn’t mean that other people, with their webcomics, can’t get in on this speed dating idea! I proposed that, for those interested, applicants could be open to crossover jokes (or even small storylines) with other applicants! Speed Dating basically has multiple tables set up. Ardra will be focusing on the tables that only Ardra is at. HOWEVER, what if other webcomics focused on tables that THEIR applicant is at? Multi-site, non-direct crossovers! No one has to directly wait on anyone else, and it doesn’t ALL need to be canon. It can just be a fun, cross-promotional event! We’ll all link to each other speed dating comics! I expect that this can start happening in about a month and a half.

Applicants that are interested in working with others on this, just say so in your “application”. Even if you may not want to participate yourself, but to let other people know that you would let their applicant cameo in other comics. I will try and help coordinate people by directing them to our forum. Hopefully we can make some connections. Of course, anyone in on this should still coordinate with characters’ owners for various jokes and interactions, to make sure characters are used properly and remain in-character.

This is something totally in addition to the Ardra storyline. It’s not necessarily canon to anyone, but could be a fun cross-promotional event!

OH! I should also say for the “extended” speed dating thing, where people other than the Ardra comic, could have have less rules and stipulations (depending on the other creators’ desires).


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Ardra… In SONG form!

Blue, from Hello The Future, has written a song about Ardra! Please check it out!

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Happy Holidays (2010)

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5 Years of Ardra

It’s been 5 years since Ardra hit the internet! It’s been a long and treacherous journey, with hiatuses all afoot. Ardra has survived 4 different artists, and a slew of guest artists and guests/fan strips.

Thanks to everyone that has stayed with us over the years, and congratulations to Ardra still plugging away!

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Exciting news!

Ardra fans, the hiatus will soon be over at last! John Peters, of Gypsy! and other comics,  has agreed to assume artist duties. He’s been an Ardra fan for some time now, so he knows what he’s getting into, and has a good understanding of the concept and characters.  I think you’ll enjoy his artwork, and the return of weekly updates. If you’ve read Gypsy or any of John’s other comics, you know he’s a solid artist with a longtime record of quality work – and, as shown above, his style works well for Ardra.

Before I go, though, I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank Trevor Adams for all his great work for Ardra over the last few years.  His artwork really helped put this comic on the map, and I’ll always owe him a debt of gratitude.  Unfortunately, the demands of his real job made it difficult for him to update very often, but when he did, I always knew I’d be getting great work.  We wish him well in all his future endeavors, and hope that the years to come will bring him good fortune.

So, a new era in the history of Ardra is coming soon. Enjoy, and thanks for your patience during the hiatus!

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Art by Ryan Estrada

Got some art drawn by Ryan Estrada He’s got a comic in competition on Zuda Comics. So you should probably go check that out and support him if you think he submission cool! In the mean time, here’s that cool art he did for Ardra:

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Some changes on the way…

Actually some changes right now! If you noticed, the website has been slightly redesigned and cleaned up. Hopefully for the best!

Right now Ardra is going on a sabbatical. We’ll have to see how Trevor is doing before we start rolling with updates again, but even then, there are some changes being planned:

1) Ardra will be going through a partial “restart”. This will start with a re-scripting of the first story arc, Road Trip. Basically the entire story is going to be re-scripted from the current content. It will be streamlined as well as improved in progression with extended scenes, and cut fluff. Not to mention better art! Along with a few re-makes of single pages here and there, Who’s Your Daddy is also being looked at for a re-script. Don’t worry, the old content will still be available. But we are hoping to finally make printable content this way.

2) Trevor inks, Fes colors. Something that we’ll be trying to increase the speed of updates, as well as not taking up as much of Trevor’s time (since he’s very busy with his real, paying job). Hopefully this plan will work out for everyone, and hopefully the readers will like it.

3) … ok well that was pretty much it. But please comment and let up know about any questions, comments, ideas, or concerns!

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