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Who Works on Ardra?
What is Ardra all about, anyway?
Did the comic reset or reboot?
Why all of the art changes in the archive?
I heard about some “behind the scenes” issues…

Who works on Ardra?

The latest storyline of Ardra is presently being worked by Fes Works (Writing and Coloring) and John Peters (Layouts and Artwork); based off of some ideas from Adam Smithee, and preliminary outlines and script by Jason Dunstan.

Before that, it may vary from story to story.

Ardra was created by Jason Dunstan.

What is Ardra all about?

Ardra is an incredibly intelligent, young scientist that has decided to raise two of her own offspring as a scientific experiment.

NO! Nothing like that!

She wants to see if she can raise her offspring, Eileen and Lenore, to be smart and successful…
… without emotional attachments.

Is such an experiment possible?
What about Morals? Ethics?

You will soon find out that the girls can hold their own and put Ardra through the paces as well! At the end of the day, who is really learning the valuable lessons?

This is a comedy, peppered with drama, and doused in squid ink.

Did the comic “reset” or reboot?

… kinda.

“The Road Trip”, was redone in the “New Archive” because we wanted to go into the archive and redo the art so we could print comic books. There was a 3-page failed attempt at that, with a different artist, as well.

There are certainly differences between the “Old Archive” version and the “New Archive” version. Consider the “new” version has retcon and some timeline “adjustments”. It was deemed necessary to compile a “definitive first issue”.

For the most part, the “old archive” is still canon… unless a redone story comes later. Additionally, The Road Trip story is likely the only story to face such a large re-write.

Fundamentally, there are no major changes. Mostly story and character tweeks, plus technical changes in the story telling.

Why all of the art changes?

Ardra was just one of those comics that continued to gain momentum. It started with it’s creater, Jason Dunstan, doing the art. Later Trevor Adams came aboard , taking over the art. However he had to leave abruptly, in which the art was taken over by Fes Works.

Fes Works soon became the script editor when Trevor Adams came back to head the artwork again. Fes also starting making his own additions to the story and scripts.

After a year or so, Trevor had to leave, once again. This happened shortly after the team was going to redo the artwork from the archive, in order to create a print comic books for purchase.

Some time after Trevor had left, John Peters came aboard to help continue the comic.

Behind the scenes “issues”.

The comic will be continuing as normal, presently with Fes Works writing and coloring and John Peters doing the layouts and artwork. Jason will still be consulted for various aspects, but will no longer be writing the comic.

You can read Jason’s statement here.

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