Vengeance Squared #48 (INKS)

Vengeance Squared #48 (INKS)

This is Fes writing here!

So, this is it! The epilogue to Vengeance²! Sorry it took so long. Excuses and what-not. This is also, kinda, the end of Ardra as it is.

Well, not the end, end, but a end. John didn’t have the time to keep up on the project; Fes always had things going on; Jason has moved on to other things. It’s hard to work on a comic as a hobby, when other things pay for your time.

In the end, we owe everyone who has been following Ardra over the past TEN YEARS! Yes, Ardra debuted on December 5th, 2005. Thanks to everyone for loving our characters! I hope that this last page gives a final closure to many aspects of “Ardra: The Ultimate Experiment”.

This really doesn’t mean that there won’t be more Ardra in the future. I still wanna redo the old comics to get them a high-res and printable size and all. With that may come a new short storyline happening “in the past”, but I’m not making any promises on that. I also have an idea for a “sequel” which would set about 10 years in the future of this last chapter. Can’t promise on that either. All three of us have hit various hardships with offline-life, that other things just needed to take priority.

I’ll post updates or tweet about anything that may be coming. You can follow Fes Works on twitter.

The future of Ardra will be me, Fes, writing and developing. I’ve been script editing since before Trevor’s second artist run, then co-write, and ultimately write the majority of the scripts ever since (with some outlines and story ideas from Jason). Thanks to Adam Smithee for helping to outline and contribute to this lastest storyline!

The future art may be done by Fes, or by another person, but there is a time and money aspect to this, so I can’t promise anything. Jason has moved on to other things, but still has some input in a few regards. John would have liked to continue working with Ardra, but has had to focus on many other things in his life. You can follow John at

In the meantime, please comment here about the comic. It’s been great working on Ardra for the past 7 years, and I hope to bring the comic back in the future.

Thank you all so much!


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  1. Nick Perkins says:

    I’ve loved Ardra for many years. A coincidence, I’ve been doing Cooties for almost 10 years, and am 3 pages away from finishing it up as well. So is life, we have to move on…

  2. Jason says:

    Cooties and Ardra are like Haley’s Comet and Mark Twain, I guess.

    But when one saga ends, another begins…

    I hope you’ll stay in the business as well!

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