Vengeance Squared #44 (INKS)

Vengeance Squared #44 (INKS)

Home stretch!

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  1. fesworks says:

    I do wanna hear people’s reactions to this page, of course. This comic was started back in … 2007? This page means the most to people that know the whole archive… Well, both archives.

  2. Dan Claar says:

    So, is this the end of the story?

  3. fesworks says:

    A few more pages in this chapter. Then probably some sort of “what’s gonna happen” post with then end of the chapter.

  4. nick says:

    As a very longtime reader, this is one of the most satisfying pages I’ve read. Love it!

  5. When I originally wrote this I didn’t mean for it to be the ‘end cap’ to the Ardra story… but now, looking back on it, it actually works out really well. I’m not saying it is the end, but… if it is… yeah. Good times.

    • fesworks says:

      Well, in the middle or last 75% of me writing the final script, I re-tooled everything for this storyline to be “If it were to end now, let’s not leave too much open.” Basically to end in a more satisfying way, but I’m not wanting this to be the end of Ardra. More will be posted once this chapter is finally finished and behind the scenes stuff sorted.

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