Ardra coming back this November!

Hello loyal fans and readers of Ardra!

We are gearing up to start updating Ardra this Halloween, with a special Halloween comic; and then continue with the Vengeance storyline, on November 7th. We will be aiming for Wednesday updates. For now,  John is working off some commissions from the summer, and a couple of the next Ardra comics. The “Part 2” of the Vengeance storyline should run between 20-30 pages. It’s about half re-scripted, so almost there with that.

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  1. Jonathan Baum says:

    Hey, it’s December already. You have fans out here. If you’re not going to continue the comic, the polite thing to do would be to announce it.

    • fesworks says:

      Again, I apologize for the delays. A bad combination of health and family issues on the part of both myself and the artist have been a large cause of delay. In addition to that, other work that pays is also another thing that sometimes brings in delays.

      But I assure you that we are both committed to finishing this storyline. I’m a fan of the comic myself, which is why I came on to Ardra in the first place. Same thing with John.

      In fact, I have inked pages from John that I am working on coloring, and hopefully setting up a buffer (that will hopefully last a little while), before we start updating again… Which I can say a new comic will come by either after Xmas or New Years. With the goal of updating weekly again, but we may be limited in that ability as per the reasons mentioned above, but we will try best as we can.

      Again, I apologize for the delays. I never like leaving things unfinished, and I understand the reader’s perspective as well.

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