Hoping to start up again in September.

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Hey gang! Sorry for the delays, once again. Still re-writing the script to part 2 of the storyline for “Vengeance”. I got in touch with Adam Smithee, whom had originally pitch several ideas that are mostly or partly used in this storyline. And, of course, it has been convention season. We hope to get things rolling again in September.

In the meantime, if anyone wants to submit GUEST ART or COMICS, just let us know!

By the way, Fes will be at Dallas’ Webcomics Expo: Strip on August 4th, and at Intervention Con in Washington, DC on September 21-23.

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  1. fesworks says:

    Alrighty! Talking with John about starting up again! Though it looks like it may not be until the end of October that we will have some updates rolling again. I’ll be taking out Project Wonderful ads around then.

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