Have any wacky ideas for Ardra?

John is unavailable to get art to us for two updates… sorry about that. So instead, we’ll try some minimal art jokes with Ardra and gang. Starting with any ideas you may have for her. Maybe they meet your characters and react? That’s on simple idea. Anyone with ANY (PG) IDEAS should let us know and see if we use your idea in the coming two weeks.

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  1. NeoDarklight says:

    How about… Ardra and family battle spam-bots and viruses on the internet, Starcraft style, whilst simultaneously weeding out the idiots who let such things propagate!

  2. NeoDarklight says:

    Here’s another: Lenore has a bunch of Barbie dolls dance to “I’m a Barbie Girl” using her psychokinesis.

  3. SilverCaddy says:

    Perhaps Ardra should go postal on a coffee shop? Mayhaps flooding it with orange juice?

  4. fesworks says:

    I’ll keep ideas open like this for whenever John is out and we need some filler 😛

    I’ll try to get one more of these jokes up before he comes back (hopefully next week).

  5. fesworks says:

    I’ll re-approach these types of comics again when John is out. I meant to do one more. I’ll probably keep that for next time. I’ll have better planning.

  6. Dave Craig says:

    Some dates for Ardra:
    1. A guy who wants to borrow five bucks so he can take out the girl he just met at the other table.

    2. A (high) guy with a ponytail who thinks she is Janis Joplin and wants to show her his “farm”.

    3. A guy in a beret who wants to recruit a “comrade” for the revolution.

    4. A guy in a McDonald’s vest who brags of his wealth.

    5. A nattily dressed dork who thinks the way to her heart is to critique her hair & clothes.

    6. A guy who thinks the “next stage” of their relationship should be taking Ardra home to meet his mother.

  7. Desert Dave says:

    One more date for Ardra, a guy who complains his mother kicked him out of the basement so she could clean it up and then wants to know her World of Warcraft ranking.

  8. NeoDarklight says:

    I do not agree with your number 2 pick, Dave. Give him a mullet instead (I wear a ponytail).

  9. Mini-Mimi says:

    I have just one word: TOENAILS. That’s all I’m sayin’!

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