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So we begin anew! With John Peters of Gypsygirl Press as our new artist, and Fes Works as the colorist, we start our weekly update schedule! Right now we are rebooting the comic, starting with The Road Trip, originally written and drawn by Jason Dunstan (Ardra’s Creator). The story went through a major rewrite by Fes, tweeking a few things, and bringing it home for a definitive introduction to Ardra! After that we’ll rework other earlier stories, and prep it all for print!

Again, if you were not aware, the previous artist, Trevor Adams, could not continue with Ardra because of his work and life in general. We of course thank him for all of his hard work in the past!

You can still read the 200+ comics of Ardra in the OLD Archive!

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  1. Simon says:

    Wohoo! It lives!
    On a side note, how many versions of this same page drawn by different people now exist? Three? Four? A lot anyway.

  2. gypsygirl says:

    I think it’s three versions, if you don’t count the one where Ardra doesn’t answer right away because of an overwhelming feeling of Deja Vu. The other two can be seen in the archives, but not the Deja Vu one since I haven’t drawn it yet.

    Thanks for reading,

  3. Jason D. says:

    The first three “Road Trip” strips are the Ardra equivalent of “Groundhog Day”.

  4. tudza says:

    Looked up dysentery once. Ick.

  5. fesworks says:

    It’s a reference to the old Oregon Trail PC game… actually all of the last panel is.

  6. […] After a while, John Peters took up the reigns of linework and Fes Works started coloring. To see the continuation of Ardra (ironically with a complete redo of The Road Trip (drawn by Jason, the writer)), please start here. […]

  7. […] you are new to this comic, please check out the reboot storyline of The Road Trip for a great introduction, and the most recent storyline Speed Dating, or you can visit the Old […]

  8. Greg White says:

    1 of the things she’s holding looks like a bit like Dr.Who’s Sonic Screwdriver.

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