Some changes on the way…

Actually some changes right now! If you noticed, the website has been slightly redesigned and cleaned up. Hopefully for the best!

Right now Ardra is going on a sabbatical. We’ll have to see how Trevor is doing before we start rolling with updates again, but even then, there are some changes being planned:

1) Ardra will be going through a partial “restart”. This will start with a re-scripting of the first story arc, Road Trip. Basically the entire story is going to be re-scripted from the current content. It will be streamlined as well as improved in progression with extended scenes, and cut fluff. Not to mention better art! Along with a few re-makes of single pages here and there, Who’s Your Daddy is also being looked at for a re-script. Don’t worry, the old content will still be available. But we are hoping to finally make printable content this way.

2) Trevor inks, Fes colors. Something that we’ll be trying to increase the speed of updates, as well as not taking up as much of Trevor’s time (since he’s very busy with his real, paying job). Hopefully this plan will work out for everyone, and hopefully the readers will like it.

3) … ok well that was pretty much it. But please comment and let up know about any questions, comments, ideas, or concerns!

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2 Responses

  1. Nemba says:

    I think thats a neat plan. Good luck guys!

  2. ardra says:

    What is this all about (really) Im starting to find all this very interesting

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