Vengeance Squared #48 (INKS)


Vengeance Squared #48 (INKS)

This is Fes writing here!

So, this is it! The epilogue to Vengeance²! Sorry it took so long. Excuses and what-not. This is also, kinda, the end of Ardra as it is.

Well, not the end, end, but a end. John didn’t have the time to keep up on the project; Fes always had things going on; Jason has moved on to other things. It’s hard to work on a comic as a hobby, when other things pay for your time.

In the end, we owe everyone who has been following Ardra over the past TEN YEARS! Yes, Ardra debuted on December 5th, 2005. Thanks to everyone for loving our characters! I hope that this last page gives a final closure to many aspects of “Ardra: The Ultimate Experiment”.

This really doesn’t mean that there won’t be more Ardra in the future. I still wanna redo the old comics to get them a high-res and printable size and all. With that may come a new short storyline happening “in the past”, but I’m not making any promises on that. I also have an idea for a “sequel” which would set about 10 years in the future of this last chapter. Can’t promise on that either. All three of us have hit various hardships with offline-life, that other things just needed to take priority.

I’ll post updates or tweet about anything that may be coming. You can follow Fes Works on twitter.

The future of Ardra will be me, Fes, writing and developing. I’ve been script editing since before Trevor’s second artist run, then co-write, and ultimately write the majority of the scripts ever since (with some outlines and story ideas from Jason). Thanks to Adam Smithee for helping to outline and contribute to this lastest storyline!

The future art may be done by Fes, or by another person, but there is a time and money aspect to this, so I can’t promise anything. Jason has moved on to other things, but still has some input in a few regards. John would have liked to continue working with Ardra, but has had to focus on many other things in his life. You can follow John at

In the meantime, please comment here about the comic. It’s been great working on Ardra for the past 7 years, and I hope to bring the comic back in the future.

Thank you all so much!


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Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2014 – Ardrienne

You might have heard of the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive. This is our third year doing it. Last year is was Faylin, and the year before that it was Ardra. Here is Ardrienne, drawn by John Peters:



Click through to see the full image and to get links to the other VDSD participants!

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Comic Creators for Freedom – Fundraiser to help victims of human trafficking


Sorry this wasn’t posted earlier, but John drew Ardra in an awkward school photo for the 2013 fundraiser to raise money in a fight against human trafficking. Basically it’s a giant desktop wallpaper with a myriad of creators working together to get the word out, and funds raised! It’s the Comic Creators for Freedom!


You can make a donation to Love 146 here, and you will then get the 4th fundraiser wallpaper, with little Ardra among over 100 other characters in their younger years!


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Seeking guest art and comics!

If anyone out there would like to submit some guest art or comics for Ardra, now’s the time to submit!

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Valentine’s Day Sex Drive (NSFW-ish (kinda)) 2013

The Following Post is NSFW-ish (kinda)

Read More »

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POLL: We are planning to redo the whole archive. Tell us your thoughts!

Hopefully the poll mechanic works, and you can voice your opinion like that, but feel free to comment as well (because we want to know your reasons).

So, you may have heard, after the current storyline (Vengeance²), John and I will be going back and redoing the whole Ardra archive for print.

Why? Well, for print, so we can have something to sell at cons, and such. It’s the next logical step to showcasing Ardra to a wider audiences. Plus the remake will also happen online as regular updates. ALSO helping to increase the audience, and hopefully start making an earning for the artist. It’s the nature of the beast.

The remaking of the archives should not be as severe as the treatment of The Road Trip. Which was fairly rewritten and rearranged, but did not change the overall plot or intentions already laid out for the characters. The “Dizzyland” segment from the original Road Trip would be placed somewhere else, possibly expanded, but the other storylines should remain fairly untouched as far as placement and content.

For the most part, the plan is to remove references that “date” the comic. Maybe add some jokes, tighten the script (dialogue and art), and perhaps slightly expand some stories for added character development or clarifications. But nothing major that should affect continuity.

An idea that also came up, is to possibly add other storylines during this period. New storylines of experiments, jokes, or adventures that could have also happened during the time frame. The plan for these would not to be affect the continuity of already established canon (at most, they may be referenced, but would not affect the plots or content of existing storylines).

I would like your thoughts!


[poll id=”2″]

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Ardra coming back this November!

Hello loyal fans and readers of Ardra!

We are gearing up to start updating Ardra this Halloween, with a special Halloween comic; and then continue with the Vengeance storyline, on November 7th. We will be aiming for Wednesday updates. For now,  John is working off some commissions from the summer, and a couple of the next Ardra comics. The “Part 2” of the Vengeance storyline should run between 20-30 pages. It’s about half re-scripted, so almost there with that.

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Hoping to start up again in September.

You are presently viewing the “Extras” archive and navigation.
To see the main comic, please visit the Main Archive.

Hey gang! Sorry for the delays, once again. Still re-writing the script to part 2 of the storyline for “Vengeance”. I got in touch with Adam Smithee, whom had originally pitch several ideas that are mostly or partly used in this storyline. And, of course, it has been convention season. We hope to get things rolling again in September.

In the meantime, if anyone wants to submit GUEST ART or COMICS, just let us know!

By the way, Fes will be at Dallas’ Webcomics Expo: Strip on August 4th, and at Intervention Con in Washington, DC on September 21-23.

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Miss ComicGenesis 2012

Looks like Ardrienne won the 2012 Miss ComicGenesis! Thanks to members of the ComicGenesis forums! Here are the other nominations:

Jinn of The VoletHarli Dust of Flying Tigers

Jinn of The Volet
Harli Dust of Flying Tigers
Winter Rachel Farthing of Metal Solstice
The Canadian of Scribook
Erika Epstein of Space Princess
Frieda Marie McVixen of Critters
Lori Newman of 8:1
Marie Thayer of Loud Era

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The Road Trip – Now available as a 32-page, full color comic book!

That’s right! The entire Road Trip storyline is finally in print! All pages are colored, colors remastered, and all 32 pages just for $5! Order your copy today!

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Jason Dunstan steps down from Ardra.

Okay, everybody. Time to finally explain the whole “Ardra thing”, and why exactly I’m leaving. Honestly, there are a number of reasons…burnout, creative differences with Fes, and just a general sense that the time is right. But really, it comes down to this:

I’m an opinionated guy. And sometimes, those opinions are going to rub certain people the wrong way. Understandable. The problem is, I’m afraid that John and Fes might get caught in the crossfire, so to speak, and be made to pay the consequences for things I say. I don’t want that to happen, ever…but I’m afraid it may have already happened, and may happen again. So, I think it’ll be best for all parties concerned with Ardra if I just leave to do my own thing, and let John and Fes carry on with this project without me. They’re more than capable and talented enough to do so.

I’m planning to write some webfiction with Ardrienne at some point in the future, but barring unforeseen circumstances, I’m out of the webcomic game. Thanks for all your support over the years, and I sincerely hope you’ll continue to read and enjoy Ardra.

Best wishes,

Jason Dunstan

February 8, 2012 | 3 Comments